Quests in virtual reality in the very heart of Kharkiv
Probably, each of us has a favorite science fiction film, watching which, you would like to become its main character. In virtual reality, you can do this, you just need to put on glasses and you will find yourself in a world where anything is possible. You participate in first-person shootouts and survive in a zombie apocalypse, explore the underwater depths of the oceans and complete quests, fly in a hot air balloon and ride a roller coaster, go to a house with a ghost and play boxing - you will become the hero of your story.
We are easy to find: we are located in the very center of Kharkov, a 3-minute walk from the Universitet metro station, next to the monument to Taras Shevchenko.
We offer a waiting area where you and a your company can sit down with food and drinks, taking them with you or ordering delivery.
We disinfect the play equipment with antiseptic after each player, and also provide disposable face masks so that you can feel comfortable and completely safe.
Celebrating with us, your birthday will definitely be unforgettable for the whole company, and your guests will be waiting for your holiday again.
Here you will play more than 30 exciting games for the whole company. You can play together against everyone or against each other, competing in your skill.
Here you will find stylish photo zones so that you do not leave PARK without content and can please your Instagram with new publications from your birthday.
By presenting the original document with the date of birth, you will receive as a gift from us a reduction in the cost of celebrating your birthday by 10% of the total check.
Photo zones
Rent of the entire hall for 1 hour
1200 uah
Rent of the entire hall for 1 hour
1200 uah
Up to 4 people for 1 hour

Up to 8 people for 2 hours

Up to 12 people for 3 hours
Gift certificate
For one person for 1 hour
300 uah

Not personal

For any day
Up to 4 people for 1 hour

Up to 8 people for 2 hours

Up to 12 people for 3 hours
To confirm your reservation, you will need to make a prepayment of 50%.
On the birthday and 7 days after, there is an offer of -10% on the general check, subject to availability of a document.
Decide how many people will be with you, what day and time
Write in a way convenient for you or call us so that we agree on everything
In the park you will be met by our admin who will tell and show you everything
Book time
Come for emotions
Enter your data and we will offer the best solution for organizing a holiday for you.
Do you need to choose one game or can you play different ones?
You can play different ones. For 1 hour of playing time, on average, our guests try 2-3 games, so they have time to get used to the controls in the games and enjoy the process itself. You book only playing time, and with which games you will take it and how much is up to you.
Are there team games for the company?
Yes of course. We have both single games and team games for a company of up to 4 people, where you will see and hear each other, completing a common mission. You can play together against everyone, and against each other. You can see the list of games in the game menu above.
How much time is better to book?
At your request. You can book playing time from 1 hour and in multiples of one hour. Since we have 4 game zones available and so that each player has enough time to master virtual reality and the gameplay, we suggest booking the game time as follows: for a company up to 4 people - from 1 hour, for a company from 5 to 8 people - from 2 hours, and for a company from 9 to 12 people - from 3 hours. Thus, each player will have at least 1 game hour, and they can change between themselves.
From what age can children play?
Children from 8 years old can play in our institution. This is due to the fact that the equipment for a younger child will be too heavy, and it will not be possible to reliably fix virtual reality glasses on the head of a younger child.
Can children be left alone in the park?
Not if the children are under 14 years old. When celebrating birthdays, we ask at least one adult to stay with us throughout the entire reservation to monitor the behavior of children, since the administrator will be busy connecting the players and accompanying them through the games. In addition, educational functions in interaction with children are not imposed on the administrator.
Can I take food and drinks with me?
Yes. You can take soft drinks and food with you as you wish, we have a table and sofa in the waiting area where you can sit comfortably. You can also order food with delivery to us, for example, pizza or sushi.
Are there any discounts for birthday people?
Yes. On the birthday and 7 days after, we reduce the total cost of the reservation by 10% upon presentation to the administrator of the original document of the birthday person with the specified date of birth. We also accept electronic documents in the Diya application, but photographs of documents, their photocopies and screenshots are not.
How can I make a gift?
You can purchase gift certificates from us. They are unlimited and can be used by anyone who presents them. Thus, you buy the game time in advance and donate it. To order them, just contact us at the contacts below.
Do you need a prepayment?
Yes, at a rate of 50%. If you wish to spend your birthday with us, you will need to make a prepayment of half of the total cost when booking. Prepayment can be made either by bank transfer or in cash at the park. If the reservation is canceled less than a day before its start, the prepayment is not refundable.
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